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An advanced system for detecting road potholes based on artificial intelligence, high-resolution cameras, a network of sensors to detect disconnections, and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) localization can revolutionize the way road defects are identified and reported, significantly improving road safety and maintenance efficiency.

High-resolution cameras constantly scan the road surface as the vehicle moves. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to analyze the images and identify the distinctive features of potholes. This approach allows for precise detection of even small potholes that might otherwise be overlooked.

The network of sensors installed in the system is capable of detecting disconnections in the road. These sensors continuously monitor the stability of the road surface, reporting any collapses or structural damage that could lead to the formation of potholes.

The use of GNSS enables the exact geographical location of detected potholes to be tracked. This is essential for reporting the exact position of potholes to the relevant road maintenance authorities. This accurate localization allows repair teams to easily reach the affected areas and carry out repairs promptly and efficiently.

The crucial aspect of this system is its ability to provide real-time data quickly. The information collected by cameras and sensors is processed and transmitted to the infrastructure manager.

This system offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it enables road authorities to promptly identify and resolve pothole issues, reducing the risk of road accidents and vehicle damage. Additionally, it allows for more efficient road maintenance management, optimizing resource allocation and reducing overall costs. Finally, the systematic collection of data on road conditions allows for continuous monitoring of infrastructure, enabling long-term planning strategies for road maintenance and improvement.

Therefore, a system based on AI, high-resolution cameras, sensors to detect disconnections, and GNSS localization represents an innovative solution for pothole detection and efficient road maintenance management. This advanced technology can enhance road safety and contribute to keeping road infrastructures in excellent condition for the benefit of all road users.


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