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ASFALTO SICURO is the innovative solution aimed at ensuring the safety and optimal maintenance of roads, offering to the customers various service options. This advanced system is designed to provide accurate and timely data on road conditions, enabling more efficient management of road infrastructures.

Option 1: City Scanning Service:

This option is intended for municipalities, organizations, or infrastructure managers who need to conduct a comprehensive scan of the city or a specific urban area without purchasing or leasing a diagnostic system. The diagnostic system is utilized on our vehicles to perform the scanning at agreed-upon intervals, providing mapping services and training to efficiently utilize all the collected data.

Our operators use vehicles equipped with the advanced technology of the system to traverse all the roads, recording data on road conditions. This data is then processed by the analysis software to produce a detailed assessment of the road's condition and a comprehensive report on potential issues.

This option offers a fast and effective solution to identify and address road issues throughout an entire city, allowing better resource management and timely maintenance planning.

Option 2: Subscription for Periodic City Scanning:

This option is designed to allow municipalities or organizations to schedule regular scans of their roads. Through a subscription plan, the service is provided based on a predetermined schedule, which includes regular scanning and analysis of road conditions.

This formula enables continuous and systematic monitoring of roads, identifying potential issues before they become serious and costly to address. Periodic reports provide municipalities and organizations with updated and accurate insights into the condition of their road infrastructures, facilitating long-term planning and proactive maintenance management.

Option 3: Vehicle or Fleet preparation for Large Municipalities or Organizations:

In this option, the diagnostic system is installed on vehicles or fleets belonging to large municipalities or public organizations. These vehicles are equipped with special devices such as high-resolution cameras, sensors, and GNSS location systems. Constantly traveling the city or the designated area, these vehicles collect detailed data on road conditions.

The data infrastructure is integrated with sophisticated analysis and management software. The collected data is processed and interpreted by AI to detect potential problems such as potholes, cracks, road defects, and missing signage. The software then generates detailed reports, providing specific information about road integrity.

This service allows municipalities and organizations to have a comprehensive overview of the conditions of their roads, facilitating maintenance planning and targeted and efficient resource allocation.


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